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Vale Secondary

A secondary aged student will attend our Secondary Department which is co-located with Duke's Aldridge Academy. Students have a programme tailored to their individual needs, ranging from specialist teaching to full mainstream inclusion.

The secondary department is organised into six Tutor Groups and a support network for included students.

The ethos of the department is to encourage and teach the students to take as much responsibility for themselves and for their learning through negotiation and consultation with their teachers, therapists and support staff.  The aim of the department is for students to develop academic, practical and self-advocacy skills, combined with the necessary attitudes needed for transition to life after school and adult life in general.  The department has a structure that involves the student at every stage and is primarily aimed at developing the student’s participation in the learning process, encouraging understanding, confidence, self-esteem, independence and a sense of achievement.  

Support for Inclusion

The Inclusion Scheme provides the opportunity for full or part time inclusion for individual students as well as linking tutor groups with their mainstream peers for collaborative projects and activities.

Included students follow all the requirements of Duke's Aldridge Academy’s curriculum at the appropriate Key Stage.  Vale teaching and support staff ensure access by providing a blend of physical, emotional and learning support.  Vale staff liaise and work in partnership with Duke's Aldridge Academy colleagues to ensure that the students have the optimum conditions to access and benefit from the mainstream courses.